What’s Happening Jan 14-20, 2020

We’ll be using the core strength, coordination and upper body work from the last two weeks to apply to our forms and sparring this week!

Tuesday at 6:30 PM: Black Belt Form

All students will be working on learning the basics of the first degree black belt form and the application of the techniques in real world settings. New black belts will begin to learn the form; senior black belts will work on polishing the form for rank promotion


Tuesday at 7:30 PM: Color Belt Form

All students will be reviewing the technicals of the color belts forms. Black belts will be reviewing their forms for memory, stamina and preparation for testing


Wednesday at 5:00 PM: Leg strength, coordination and kicking techniques


Saturday at 10:30 AM: Sparring flows and open sparring. BRING YOUR SPARRING GEAR! No shoes: we’ll be working on mats