Younger students – 6-13 years

This program is designed for younger students. We meet a minimum of two times each week, and focus on Taekwondo basics. Repetition and drills help train muscle memory, develop focus and concentration. Positive reinforcement allows students to develop the sense of confidence that will benefit them throughout their school and later life!

Teens – 13-18 years

As young people move into their teen years, the external influences in their lives can be negative – or very positive. By building on their successes in martial arts, we reinforce the positive self-image and self-confidence that our students will need throughout their lives. Emphasis is on technical expertise at first, then using that knowledge for self-defense. As students progress in the program, the focus shifts to independent thought and critical reasoning skills for inside the martial arts field and in real life.


Children and teens aren’t the only people who can benefit from improved self-confidence, a great workout, and a positive social experience! Improving your physical fitness and flexibility reinforces that sense of confidence that leads to a path of ongoing success.


Respect, attitude and perseverance are not just the words behind martial arts and martial artists, but it’s also the name of our teen focus program. RAAP student work on the ‘behind the scenes’ activities in the school, including teaching, program design, social media, video production and school design – skills and experience that will help them in the future (and look good on their resumes!) RAAP membership is by invitation only; interested students who demonstrate dedication and interest in MA can apply by talking with Ms. Ke.

Monthly program pricing: Two classes/week: $109/single student, $218/family

Adults: Unlimited classes/week: $59/student

All Black Belts get unlimited classes!

All prices include uniforms and white belts.

Want to learn more?

You can call the school at 630-406-6883, email Ms. Ke at – or stop by for a trial class!