Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to attend all four classes each week?

No. You can attend as few or as many as you choose. Students who miss classes will be slower to progress through the ranks, but it can be done.

What should I wear?

New students can wear workout clothes until they earn their uniforms with the successful completion of their first rank promotion.  Students who have earned their uniforms must wear their uniform pants and belt, but jackets are optional in hot weather. If you are not wearing your jacket, t-shirts can be worn, but they must be either a solid color, or have a martial arts motif. Shirts must be tucked into the pants!

We workout in bare feet or with taekwondo shoes. Board breaking and sparring is done in bare feet.

Do you take credit cards?

Of course! Visa, MC, and Amex are welcome – as are checks and cash. You can also arrange online bill payment through your bank!