July 25, 2017

The videos are taking a little longer than I thought they would, but like a good Excel spreadsheet, getting everything set up first makes it work better. So a little more time and we’ll have them out! (Graphics and animation are trickier than they are in making music videos!)

Want to be in the next set of videos? Come to class at 5 pm today, wear your uniform and have your parent’s permission! We’ll be doing high block,s low blocks and inner forearm blocks.

July 24, 2017

It’s Monday, so we had our weekly get-together at my ‘other’ job. (I love martial arts, but it doesn’t pay the bills. I’m happy if we break even every month: a martial arts¬† paycheck is a goal to which I still aspire – so like most instructors, I have a real job as well as a dream job.)

Unlike our regular meeting however, we were treated to watching a youtube video that was both interesting and inspiring. (See the link below.) Now, in and of itself, that’s not that unusual for a youtube video: I get inspired by a LOT of stuff, and not just martial arts programs.

What I found particularly inspiring was a comment that the presenter, Benjamin Zander, made: “Everybody loves classical music! They just haven’t found out about it yet!”

That’s how I feel about martial arts: Everybody loves martial arts! They just haven’t found out about it yet!

Of course, most people have heard about martial arts: It’s in movies, on tv, schools are in every town, youtube videos, newspapers, magazines… it’s everywhere. It’s Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Yip Man, Jackie Chan, Jason Statham, Wolverine – and they’re all awesome!

So awesome that sometimes people – too many people – think they have to be that strong, that athletic, that powerful, that clever to even try. And so they don’t, and they miss the wonderful opportunities that they could have.

No, not opportunities to become that one in a million movie star who can throw a fantastic butterfly kick – but the opportunity to meet other people who embrace the camaraderie and community of martial arts, who want to be the best ‘them’ they can be. And if they can throw a punch or defend themselves while they’re having a good time with friends, well, all the better.

I suspect that if more people knew more about martial arts – really knew it, and not just the glamorous stuff we all see in the media – they might find that they love it, too.

Thanks for reading this – and here’s that link:

See you in class!




July 20, 2017

We recorded the first videos for our online tutorial and references! Huge thanks to Mr. Zeke, Mr. Ryan, Ms. Meghan, Mr. Mitchell, and Ms. Natalie for their help! We should have the first video online by Monday. (Tuesday?)

If you’d like to show off your awesome stance, strike, kick, block or whatever, just let Ms. Ke know.¬† Since these are going on our webpages, you’ll need to have your parents permission!